Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Bradford L. Treusch provides services for the following practice areas:

Family Law

We represent individuals involved in legal proceedings stemming from marriage dissolutions, counseling clients on the division of marital property, tax issues, child and spousal support, child custody and paternity. Our attorneys also assist our clients in the preparation and/or review of prenuptial, postnuptial, and cohabitation agreements that define and alter their property rights. We provide our clients with specialized substantive knowledge in the family law area, along with significant negotiation and litigation expertise, to achieve their goals and desired results. Our attorneys are experienced in alternate dispute resolution procedures including arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Our firm also handles Collaborative Law Cases in which we work collaboratively with the other side and closely with neutral accountants and other professionals to resolve and settle a case without litigation.

Personal Injury

We represent individuals who have been seriously injured as a result of the negligence of another. Our objective in every injury matter is to maximize the damage recovery for our clients. The verdicts, settlements and arbitration awards achieved by our aggressive attorneys have repeatedly set high standards for recoveries. Most civil actions that involve an automobile or other personal injury are caused by the failure of another to use that level of due care expected of them in the particular situation. However, most claims are brought against the insurance companies whose goal is to minimize your rightful recovery to the lowest extent possible. Moreover, evaluation of your claim by the insurance companies consists of two elements; liability and the calculation of damages. The latter may consist of pain and suffering, property damage, medical payments, loss of earnings, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress and/or loss of consortium. If you, your loved one or a friend, have been the victim of another’s carelessness, please consult our office for a free consultation so that our experienced attorneys may evaluate the compensation that you or another is entitled to.

Real Estate

We represent clients in both litigation and transactional matters. Our attorneys are involved in representing the firm’s clients on real estate projects ranging from single-family housing to shopping centers and commercial and mixed-use projects. In addition, we have significant experience in representing our clients in matters involving construction disputes, mechanics’ liens, homeowners association disputes, boundary disputes, purchase and sale agreements, zoning, title insurance, foreclosures, adjoining land owners,
easements, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Commercial Collection

Our Commercial Collections practice involves representation of regional and national clients in the collection of commercial accounts receivable. The law firm has extensive experience in aggressive, yet cost effective, commercial collection techniques. We have established a reputation for aggressive collection of all forms of debt, including delinquent support. The firm also handles garnishments, executions, levies, setting aside fraudulent conveyances, attachments and foreclosures of real property. Clients receive extensive consultation not only as to the available legal remedies, but also as to the cost-effectiveness and strategic considerations of all options. Our attorneys and highly experienced staff are ready to handle all phases of pre-lawsuit, post-lawsuit and post-judgment collection procedures. Unlike a collection agency, we formulate a strategy, make an initial demand upon the debtor, and then if necessary, we are able to initiate litigation immediately.

Civil Litigation

We are a full-service litigation firm in all of our practice areas, with a special emphasis on family law/divorce and personal injury litigation. We are recognized for our results-oriented approach in representing our clients in litigation matters. Our attorneys are prepared to aggressively pursue full-scale litigation on behalf of our clients in order to achieve their objectives. We have significant experience in state and federal courts, both trial and appellate levels, including the bankruptcy courts, and before administrative tribunals. In addition, we resolve many of our clients’ disputes successfully and cost-effectively through arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.